Studio A

The underlying philosophy of Studio-A is a dedication to recording acoustical music.

Five unique recording rooms each with their own acoustic signature carefully elaborated for maximum phonic isolation while offering a direct view on the concert pianos in the loft and thus creating a better live musical sensation. Our experienced sound engineer combines the highest quality numerical material with a wide selection of microphones and pre-amps for all your recording needs. We have also invested in a headphone monitoring system with personal mixers for the maximum comfort of the musicians. We work with concentration, but we also know how important it is to be able to relax the time for a break between sets, hence the garden, the billiard and ping-pong tables, the fire place in the living room…


A 95m² loft space with a ceiling height of 4.3m naturally lit by large overhead skylights is set up around the concert pianos, the Steinway and the Fazioli.

The loft is the perfect place for solo piano sound-takes, in a natural and a clear acoustical setting. It is also the ideal room for recording acoustic groups, from duets to big bands, to a string octet, to a forty piece orchestra and this in all musical styles…


The two recording booths each 9m² are isolated and acoustically treated.

Greatly appreciated for their precision and dull matt sound, these cabins allow for the isolation of the drums, a voice, an amplifier, a bass…all the while offering the comfort of live playing because of their direct view on the loft.


The 40m² bar-billiard is not only a place to have drink or to play a game of pool, but it is also used as a fourth recording room because of its stone walls that restitute a reverb sound giving air to the instruments which might need it such as brass, bass, drums…the reverb sound also applies to the upright piano in this room.


The 40m² living room is a great place to relax by the fireplace, eat, have a coffee break, but also for specialized acoustic recordings again with its direct view on the loft. This fifth room makes for a good alternative between the dull matt sound of the cabins and the more reverb sound of the bar.


The garden is a privileged place to relax outside whether just lounging in the sun, sitting in the shade, grilling at the barbecue or playing at the ping-pong table.


Studio-A’s 28m² master control room is considered the central nervous system with its direct view on the cabins, the bar and the loft. The work space has been thought out so the sound engineer has everything at his fingertips as well as the artistic director at their side.